BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite

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A case as captivating as the stories inside.

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BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is a vintage-inspired one-of-a-kind case as interesting as the stories inside. Made with hand-distressed, genuine leather, BookBook enhances the joy of reading by putting a real book spine in your hand. What makes this case even more novel is the folding kickstand that props up your Kindle for hands-free reading. Dual zippers keep the hardback covers safely closed, while allowing you to charge your Kindle inside. This gorgeous leather cover also disguises your Kindle, protecting it from theft. Enhance the story of your Kindle Paperwhite with BookBook.

What makes BookBook for Paperwhite special?
• Genuine top grain leather & weathered spine feels like a real book
• Three reading modes: book, folded and hands-free via built-in kickstand
• Wakes your Kindle when opened & puts it to sleep when closed
• Disguises your Paperwhite, protecting it from theft

Author's Note: BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is hand-weathered & distressed. It comes with scratches and scuffs, just like a real vintage book. If you are looking for a pristine case, this may not be for you. If, however, you'd like a one-of-a-kind, worn spine, genuine leather case with personality, BookBook is made just for you.

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BookBook for Kindle PaperwhiteBookBook for Kindle PaperwhiteBookBook for Kindle Paperwhite

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BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is part our of BookBook collection of cases, including BookBook for iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Protect all of your favorite devices in a premium leather case from Twelve South. Order your BookBook today.

BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite Specs

Kindle Paperwhite 5 (11th generation)
Released in 2021

Need help identifying which Kindle you have?

Check out our guide here. 

BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite FAQs

How do I know which generation of Kindle I have?
The best way to identify which generation of Paperwhite you have is by the logos on the front and back. The 2018 10th generation has the full Amazon logo on the back. It is also the version that comes in multiple colors, whereas the previous generation only comes in black or white.
Does BookBook fit any other Kindle Paperwhite versions?
Because we use leather for the frame, other Kindle Paperwhites can fit in BookBook, even though it is made primarily to fit the 10th or 11th generation Paperwhite.
Doesn't Twelve South only make accessories for Apple products?
Yes, Twelve South still focuses most of its attention and products on Apple gear. But many of its Apple-centric customers also have Kindle eReaders and often requested a BookBook for their Kindle. “Every Mac friend I know has a Kindle for ‘reading-only’ time. Me, too!” said Andrew Green, Co-founder of Twelve South. “Our new BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite gives our customers a vintage case that adds tons of personality and protection.”

There are several reasons often cited for having both a Kindle and an iPad. For instance, the ability to read in direct sunlight; or a less-distracted reading experience without email, games, or a web browser just a click away; or reduced financial risk taking it on vacation or poolside.
How does BookBook Kindle work?
Take a look at the BookBook Kindle in action!