Back to School Favorites

Back to School Favorites

Remember how much you looked forward to going back-to-school shopping when you were a kid? Nothing felt better than getting your hands on brand-new spiral notebooks, freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils, non-smudged erasers, and THE ultimate accessory: Trapper Keeper.

School is back in session this month, and we want to help you start your new semester off on the right foot. Check out our recommended setups below to ace the upcoming school year.

Dorm Dweller
For the student who does his best work at a clean workstation, we have StayGo — an eight-in-one USB-C hub to connect all your devices to your MacBook while keeping your desktop cord-free. Rest your laptop in the gorgeous Curve, lifting it off your desk and at a more comfortable angle, and make sure to keep a framed pic of the family pup nearby with our wireless phone charger, PowerPic.

Coffee Shop Warrior
When the leaves begin to change colors and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks, pack up your accessories and gear in our Journal CaddySack, and share the coffee shop communal outlets with your handy PlugBug Duo (which gives you two USB plugs!) Pick the corner comfy chair and settle in with your iPad, propped up at the perfect angle on the table with the Compass Pro.

Library Lover
You don't have to spend your every waking moment at the library to show your appreciation for vintage books. Carry your laptop across the quad in BookBook vol. 2 for MacBook, and everyone will assume you're a visiting fellow with many leather-bound books. Complete the aesthetic with BookBook for iPhone and cement your sophistication status with our new AirSnap Twill.