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We’ve always enjoyed the dual-screen experience with our Macs, and the best way to make the most of that setup is with gorgeous dual-screen backgrounds. We’ve partnered with some of our favorite photographers to create these collections just for Mac.

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Collection 7: Sullivan's Stations

Sullivan's Stations by Jason Ogden of Station 28.5 Photography captures a unique view of one of Charleston's barrier islands. From downtown Charleston you can see the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, but few get to see the views from above which reveal the stunning masterpieces that are the Low Country marshes. Something seemingly familiar becomes otherworldly and abstract. This extraterrestrial feeling is intensified by Ogden's bright color treatment and sky-high perspective.

Twelve South products used in this setup: Inspire [mac candle N°2]CurvePowerPic

Collection 6: An Innsbruck Winter

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is surrounded by breathtaking views of the serene, snow-capped peaks of the Alps of western Austria. With Winter upon us, the mountains of this region are a sight to behold, and the perfect inspiration for our latest collection. We've partnered with photographer Paul Gilmore to bring you our 6th collection - An Innsbruck Winter.

Twelve South products used in this setup: Curve Riser, Inspire [mac candle N°2]

Collection 5: Charleston at Sea Level

As you may know, Twelve South is based in the beautiful southern city of Charleston, SC. We love living here, so we wanted to share a bit of our home with you for our newest wallpaper collection. We partnered with an incredibly talented local photographer Kim Graham who has made Charleston her home for most of her life.

Twelve South products used in this setup: PowerPic, HiRise ProCompass Pro 

Collection 4: Hawaiian Island Adventure

On a recent trip to Hawaii, one of our favorite photographers, Scott Gordon, captured the incredibly diverse landscape of the islands. For this beautiful collection he focused on Hawaii's second largest island, Maui, but was also lucky enough to experience the primarily uninhabited island of Molokai which features waterfalls of more than 2,165 feet tall. Let the lucious blues and greens of Hawaii's landscape transport you to paradise with any of the below dual-screen setups.

Twelve South products used in this setup: HiRise Pro, Inspire [mac candle N°2], BookArc for MacBook


Collection 3: San Francisco Sky Lights

We partnered with the amazing Scott Gordon again to capture the San Francisco bay during the golden hours - that time before sunrise and sunset when the light is perfect for shooting. The end result is magical. Take your pick of serene reflections full of lavender and rose quartz, the iconic horizon at sunrise, or an evening skyline full of blue and gold.

Twelve South products used in this setup: PowerPic, HiRise Pro, HiRise for MacBook

Collection 2: Scotland, Summit to Sea

For the Twelve South team, a vacation is never just a vacation. It’s a time to try out new prototypes on the road, visit far away lands for inspiration, and for our in-house photographer Steven Jones, a perfect chance to shoot some beautiful dual-screen desktop backgrounds.

Twelve South products used in this setup: Inspire [mac candle N°2], Curve, PowerPic

Collection 1: Fall in San Francisco

Shot over three days in San Fransisco, photographer Scott Gordon sought out his favorite scenes from the Bay area. Although the landscape has been shot many times before, thinking about how the images would span the width of two monitors gave the composition a new challenge and opportunity.

Twelve South products used in this setup: Compass Pro and BookArc for MacBook