BookBook Customer Stories

BookBook Customer Stories

Twelve South BookBook protects iPhone from rollercoaster fall

“It was a great ending to what could have been a bad day.”

The short story is I lost my iPhone 6+ this summer while on the Intimidator 305 – a roller coaster at Kings Dominion. It flew out of my pocket at the fastest point.

Specifications on this coaster are below:

Height: 305 ft (93 m)
Drop: 300 ft (91 m)
Length: 5,100 ft (1,600 m)
Speed: 90 mph (140 k)

Your case protected my phone from a 200′ fall at 90 mph. I was able to use the find my iPhone app on my sons phone to direct the great park staff to my phone, wallet, cash and credit cards all still in the wallet. Only small scratches on the case. The phone was in perfect shape… Typing on it now! It was a great ending to what could have been a bad day. Thank you for a great product!

– Marcus. October 14, 2015

“This is why I would recommend a BookBook case for anyone with an iPad.”

Recently my car was broken into. The thief went through every compartment in my car, and even found my iPad mini under my drivers seat (where I usually keep it) in the BookBook case. They had taken it from under my seat and placed it on the passenger seat. They were completely convinced it was a book and didn’t bother to take it! This is amazing! Thank you so much TwelveSouth for an amazing product. You saved me buying a new iPad.”

– Phil. September 28, 2015

“[I] never dreamed we would test the theory out.”

I’m a huge fan of your products! Once I discovered them I started giving them as gifts. I gave my mom a BookBook for iPad Air. Their home was broken into yesterday and all kinds of electronics were stolen (MacBooks, iPods, you name it). Precious family heirlooms were taken, and the home certainly feels violated… but there remained the BookBook… iPad Air still intact and undisturbed.

I know you guys have heard this before from others, which is what made me purchase my first one, but I never dreamed we would test the theory out. While we are thankful that our family is unharmed and “stuff” can be replaced, it was remarkable that a highly desired item was not taken. Thank you for high-quality, creative products! I plan to share our experience with others, but want you all to be able to share as well.

– Carrie. October 19, 2015