Discover 6 New Ways to Use iPad with HoverBar Tower

Discover 6 New Ways to Use iPad with HoverBar Tower

1. Use HoverBar Tower to set iPad above your main gaming screen to keep up with group chats on Discord while playing with friends. Never miss a GG EZ from your teammates again! 🎮


2. With Apple Music Sing you can create a karaoke bar in your living room! HoverBar Tower provides the perfect setup for following along to the lyrics while you & your friends belt out your favorite anthem. 🎤


3. Project Foodie & Tasty provide in-depth videos to make trying new recipes fun & easy. What's the difference between a mince and a julienne? They've got you covered. 👩‍🍳


4. New parents will try anything to get their baby to sleep. We like Infant+, a visual stimulation app that also plays relaxing music. Let HoverBar Tower hold your iPad so you can keep rocking your baby. 👶


5. Yousician helps you learn new skills on your favorite instrument. With HoverBar Tower, your screen can be at the perfect height for you to practice until it's perfect. 🎶


6. Let HoverBar Tower be your spotter when you're working out with iPad. Keep your screen front & center as you get your reps in during your favorite Apple Fitness+ or FitOn session. 🧘

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