A Creative's Everyday Carry

A Creative's Everyday Carry

1. Journal for MacBook 2. SurfacePad for iPhone 11 (coming soon) 3. StayGo USB-C Hub 4. Prospect Briefcase by J. Stark 5. Tile Tracker 6. AirSnap Pro 7. Sony a6500 8. Moleskine Cahier Journal 9. Seiko SARB033 10. CableSnap 11. Zebra 7-Series Pen

For our first Everyday Essentials feature, we’re diving into the work bag of our Creative Director, Jai. As one of the first team members, Jai is completely immersed in the Twelve South philosophy of designing and appreciating products that are both beautiful AND functional. This makes him the perfect candidate to take us on a tour of his favorite products that he never leaves home without. 

What’s your bag of choice for carrying everything?
My work bag is a custom Prospect Briefcase from J. Stark. They are actually a local Charleston brand right down the road from Twelve South HQ.

What is the go-to Apple device in your bag?
Well it is a work bag, so my MacBook Pro is always there. It stays in the Journal for MacBook to protect it from everything else in my bag. I’m also a huge fan of the new AirPods Pro, and use AirSnap Pro to keep them clipped inside my bag. 

What's your favorite non-Apple accessory?
I usually use an Apple Watch for working out and traveling, but I’ve been a watch guy since I was a kid so I always have an appreciation mechanical watches as well. My go-to recently has been a Seiko SARB033 (actually a Japanese Domestic Market watch that was only sold in Japan).

How do you keep yourself organized?
Moleskine Cahier Journal and a Zebra 7-Series Pen for jotting notes or sketches of anything that inspires me when I’m on the go. CableSnap keeps my USB-C Lightning cable tidy for charging iPhone or AirPods. I leave a Tile in my work bag and suitcase just to keep track of everything. 

You're on set for all of our product photoshoots. What do you use for your own photography?
Outside of the iPhone 11 Pro, the Sony a6500 has been my go-to travel/everyday camera. When it’s time to edit or review photos (or just for connecting hard drives and more on the go), StayGo is the perfect tool for transferring photos from my camera to my Mac or iPad Pro. 

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