Father's Day Tech Gift Guide by Twelve South

Everyday Carry from our Mac Daddy

With Father’s Day just 9 days away we asked Twelve South Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Super Dad Andrew Green what makes up his everyday carry. As an Apple super fan it’s no big surprise that there are a lot of gadgets packed into his Booq backpack but what makes his picks daily neccesities? “My mind is always running at top speed so for me the most important thing is that my EDC is organized. As much as I love my devices, I am still old-school when it comes to designing. When a new product idea pops into my head, I grab a sharpie and the closest piece of paper (or bar napkin) I can find and sketch it out!”

Twelve South Father's Day

So what else makes up the must-have list from our favorite Mac Dad? See below for the full list of his Everyday Carry items and why he never leaves home without them (clockwise from upper left).

  1. SurfacePad for iPhone: My mornings are pretty hectic. With three kids there are a lot of moving parts, so SurfacePad is the perfect minimal cover for me. With the combination of wallet and phone it’s one less thing to have to remember.
  2. MacBook 13″ Retina: I personally think the 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina is the best MacBook Apple has ever made. The combination of such a powerful Mac in a small and light package that’s still easy to travel with is great.
  3. Booq Boa Squeeze Backpack: This is by far my favorite backpack – it’s packed with storage but doesn’t feel bulky or heavy. As an added bonus it comes with Terralinq lost-and-found service.
  4. Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones: I actually have a couple of pairs of headphones – over ears and ear buds depending on what my day entails. As a former musician, when I’m concentrated on a project I find that listening to my favorite music focuses my energy.
  5. Apple Watch Sport: When Apple launched the Watch I was really excited to try it out and now can’t imagine not having one. It makes everything easier since I don’t have to pull out my phone constantly when a new message comes through or to know if a phone call needs to be answered.
  6. Apple Magic Mouse 2: When I’m away from my BookArc + Apple Display setup at the office, having the Magic Mouse is essential when working with my MacBook over longer periods of time.
  7. Sharpie and Shinola Notebook: I am constantly thinking about new products for Twelve South so when the moment strikes I immediately have to write it down or make a sketch to remind myself to talk to my design team.
  8. Mophie Power Reserve 1x: Since I’m constantly on the go my devices tend to run down by the end of the day. This is my number one go-to external battery because it has enough power to get everything up and running without taking up much space. Not to mention it fits perfectly in our TimePorter to create a completely wireless charging stand for Apple Watch.
  9. Key Smart: This is one of my favorite non-apple accessories. I love how compact it is and how It lets me keep all my keys organized, minimally.
  10. TimePorter: As I mentioned, I love my Watch but traveling with it can be a bit of a pain – there’s just a lot that you have to bring with you. As a result, we developed a travel case that also doubles as a charger so that you have an all-in-one carrier for day-to-day or world travel.