The Twelve: Tips for Making the Most of Working From Home

The Twelve: Tips for Making the Most of Working From Home

In an effort to keep everyone safe & healthy, many of the largest tech firms have asked employees to work from home. Which brings us to… your Home Office. Is it comfortable? Does it have the same stands and gear as your office at work? Is it a healthy place to work for 8-10 hours a day? Take a look below and see if adding some of these tools to your Home Office might make your home work space more comfortable.

Create a comfortable work space. 
Spending long hours hunched over your laptop is a sure way to get a neck cramp. Expand your workspace and elevate your screen for a more comfortable setup.  Start off with a good laptop stand like our Curve, add a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse and use your MacBook more like a desktop. Even just lifting up your MacBook and adding an older keyboard and mouse will be instantly more comfortable and healthy.  

Establish a new routine. 
There is a learning curve when transitioning from working in an office to working remotely. It can be difficult to stay motivated without a dedicated workspace and office routine. Check out tips from The Verge on how to work from home and stay motivated and productive. 

Make use of older (read: back-up) accessories.  
How do you connect older USB peripherals like that wired keyboard in the closet? Get a USB-C Hub. StayGo provides all the ports you need - plus it includes a longer cable that keeps all your connections tucked out of the way. StayGo also includes HDMI letting you use many less expensive External monitors with your MacBook too.

Stay charged without missing important updates. 
A desktop Wireless Charger is the ultimate way to stay fully powered by just setting your phone down on a beautiful chrome & leather desk stand. HiRise Wireless keeps your iPhone charged while holding it up for FaceTime calls and Messages and Calendar alerts.

Get your playlist right.
Many people prefer some background music while they’re working. Now’s your chance to take control of the music in your office. No more Sonos wars! Otherwise, if you’re not careful, you’ll get this song stuck in your head all day.

Make sure you have the right tools. 
Check out 9to5Mac's Apps for Remote Working, with recommendations for file sharing tools, team communication and information security. We also love Porch's guide for improving your home office setup & boosting productivity.  

Keep in touch.
While working from home may have its perks (i.e. no commute and a home cooked lunch), it's not ideal for everyone. Office culture is more than just water cooler talk and free donuts in the kitchen, it's about collaboration and inspiration. So much so that some companies with a large remote worker force have tested out "virtual coffee breaks". So if you're missing your office buddy, try a quick video chat! Read more at The New York Times

Complete the setup with a fresh scent.
Set your home office vibe with our Inspire [mac candle N°2], scented with notes of bergamot, lemon, and tarragon. Keep your mind and your home office fresh. 

Keep the blood flowing.
It’s important to get up and move around every once in awhile. Pair your iPad with a Compass Pro so you can easily work out from home, avoiding the germ-y gym and keeping your serotonin levels up!
Don't let this be you. ⬇️

Need a fresh view?
Try out a new desktop background from one of our collections for a change of scenery. Choose from beautiful landscapes, cityscapes or even an aerial view. Download free desktop backgrounds

Wireless headphones for the win!
Maybe you're not the only one in your household stuck at home. It can be difficult to concentrate with background noise like a TV show or video games. Hook your roomie (or the kiddos) up with an AirFly so they can tap into the TV's audio jack and connect their wireless headphones. Now they can listen as loudly as they want, and you can work in peace. 

Communication is key.
Since you won’t be face to face with coworkers or managers, it’s more important to communicate your progress on projects on a daily basis. When people work from home, there can sometimes be a perception that they aren’t actually accomplishing anything. Put this feeling at ease with frequent updates, if appropriate. Slack is a great tool for easy team communication, though there are certainly many options!

Bonus tip: In Slack, you can use /giphy (insert word here) to send random gifs within your chat. Use with caution....

Most importantly, friends, stay healthy, stay hydrated, and wash your hands.