Introducing AirFly Pro | matte black

Introducing AirFly Pro | matte black

Meet the latest addition to the AirFly family - AirFly Pro | matte black. Now you can use your favorite wireless headphones with older wired jacks, or even convert classic wired gear to wireless. Shop Twelve South at Apple Store now.

Upgrade your old-school gear

AirFly Pro updates any 3.5mm audio jack to give you a wireless connection with your favorite record player, iPod or non-Bluetooth speaker.

Game on - untethered

Connect to your Nintendo Switch or other gaming system to listen to your game audio wirelessly. Turn it up and play on!

Share your audio wirelessly

Share audio between two sets of headphones from one source, regardless of brand. AirFly Pro is your wireless headphone splitter.

Play your music on the go

Use AirFly Pro's Transmit Mode to play your music wirelessly through any car stereo! Perfect for rentals and ride-shares.

One more thing...

AirFly Pro is the perfect way to pair AirPods Pro (or any wireless headphones) with an iPod. Talk about old-meets-new! Get your AirFly now.