Introducing ParcSlope for MacBook: The hybrid stand you can type on

Introducing ParcSlope for MacBook: The hybrid stand you can type on

Charleston, SC, January 20, 2015 – Twelve South announces the release of ParcSlope,* a new hybrid stand made exclusively for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The sleek metal wedge elevates your MacBook screen while tilting your keyboard at desk level for comfortable typing.

With ParcSlope, MacBook sits at a more ergonomic viewing height without requiring an external keyboard. The versatile ParcSlope can create a comfortable stand-alone workstation, or be used as part of a dual-screen setup. ParcSlope is available now at Twelve South for $49.99. More info and images can be found at

Crafted from a seamless sheet of steel, the elegant ParcSlope lifts your MacBook screen to a neck-friendly viewing height, while tilting your keyboard to a comfortable 18-degree typing angle. Keeping the MacBook keyboard on your work surface means you can continue to use the keyboard and trackpad on your MacBook keyboard, instead of having to add an external keyboard. Built-in cable management keeps your desktop cables and connections from dropping to the floor when you unplug MacBook to go.

ParcSlope can be used on virtually any desk at home or work. This stand also comes in handy on a kitchen counter, stand-up workstation or workbench where it elevates MacBook enough to reduce neck strain. Standing at the kitchen counter you can search recipes, follow videos or reply to emails while the soup simmers.

For those who prefer a dual-screen workstation, ParcSlope can be used alongside your favorite external display for a side-by-side setup. The one-piece stand can also be used as part of a stacked display setup in which an external display floats above a MacBook resting atop ParcSlope. 

“ParcSlope brings a whole new concept to MacBook Stands — adding elevation to the screen while keeping the MacBook keyboard and trackpad in use,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “It’s the perfect way to add extra comfort and convenience when using MacBook at home or work. The name itself also honors the Mac…but that’s another story.”

Made exclusively for MacBook, ParcSlope has a silicone pad with three small ridges on top that allow the 11, 13 or 15-inch hinged MacBook screens to fully open. The front cutaway on ParcSlope exactly matches the one found on MacBook Air. Soft silicone pads cushion your Mac. Rubber pads on the bottom of the stand protect your work surface. Elevate your MacBook experience. Order your ParcSlope today at

*One more thing about our new ParcSlope Stand for MacBook. The name itself honors the Mac. Read the story behind the inspiration for the name “ParcSlope” here.