Introduction to MacBook Stands

Introduction to MacBook Stands

If you’re anything like us, you have everything you dreamed that you could need for your MacBook:
A case? Check.
A way to charge all your devices? Check.
Accessories for your accessories? Check.

But if you’re putting your MacBook directly on your desk, you’re doing yourself- and your computer – a disservice.


When you spend a lot of time at a computer or looking at screens, your neck will tilt forward, putting strain on your back and shoulders. This bad posture phenomenon is called Forward Head Posture, and it’s chronic among people who are glued to their smart phones or laptop. You can do exercises to help strengthen core and back muscles, but a laptop stand can help prevent damage and alleviate strain.

          Twelve South MacBook Stands Improve Sitting Posture

The OSHA diagram of good computer posture doesn’t have to be a dream.

Laptop stands can take the strain off of your body and improve your computer performance, too. A laptop stand increases airflow, making the fans more efficient, and your MacBook snappier. Have a great photo of your work station? Send us the photo on Twitter.