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May the Fourth Be With You

Spoleto Festival USA begins its 43rd season on May 24 in our hometown of Charleston, SC. Since 1977, the festival has brought world class music and theater performances to the Lowcountry, making it an internationally-acclaimed event. We're excited to see what's in store!

We launched AirFly in May of last year! We've enjoyed seeing the many use cases that our customers have come up with. Thank you for your support!

Congratulations to all the recent college graduates! If you're feeling sentimental for your days (and nights?) in the library, BookBook will make the transition less painful. 

On May 2, 1965, the first transatlantic television signal was sent via “Early Bird” It transmitted through nine different countries and lasted for one hour. You can listen to the podcast about it here. 

Speaking of streaming, stay up to date on what's coming to Netflix here. They'll also let you know when movies or shows are leaving Netflix. PSA: Bill Nye the Science Guy is getting kicked off on May 15. Binge while you can! 

May birthdays are split between the astrological signs Taurus and Gemini. Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus, as well as her new grandbaby Archie, born less than a week ago! We have two May birthdays in our office. Glad to know they're in good company.

The late Steve Jobs announced the release of the original iMac on May 8, 1998. It's undergone quite a transformation since then but the impact is unmistakable. Read more here

We're all familiar with the "It's Gonna Be May" meme that circles the internet the last day of April, but did you know that *Nsync’s first, self-titled album came out on May 26, 1997? Get your nostalgia on here

Did you celebrate May 4 Star Wars style? While many people think that Han Solo was the first to say the famous line "May the force be with you," it was actually a minor character. Learn more about the origin of Star Wars Day here.

The French Open begins May 26. Know what's hard to wear while playing tennis? An Apple Watch. Use ActionSleeve to move your Apple Watch off your wrist and keep tracking your stats even during your grand slam! 

May is National Bike Month. Stay road safe and stylish with one of these sleek helmets from Thousand. We love when innovation and design meets function!