Origins: There's Something About SurfacePad

Origins: There's Something About SurfacePad


Q: What inspired SurfacePad, why did you want to make it initially? 

AG: SurfacePad was inspired by a desire to not have a traditional bulky plastic case that hides your beautiful iPhone hardware. So we invented this slice of high quality leather that when folded back, disappeared and let the beauty of the iPhone shine.

Q: SurfacePad isn’t for everyone, so who is it for?

AG: SurfacePad is not for the clumsy. Admittedly, it doesn’t offer large amounts of rugged protection. If you need that, and you know who you are 😉,  SurfacePad is not for you. SurfacePad is for you if you don’t have anything on your phone anyway and you want to add protection against everyday objects, like your keys in your pockets or a pen in your bag. SurfacePad is perfect for protecting your iPhone from everyday hazards such as these.

Q: How has SurfacePad changed over the years?

AG: Since launching SurfacePad in 2013, we’ve added 2 card slots for your minimum card carry of an ID and bank card. The latest version of SurfacePad features a new "surface-grip" technology made specifically to work with the newest glass-faced iPhones. It can still be taken on and off multiple times when you do need to switch to a more rugged case. And most importantly, it's as thin as ever. 

Q: Why has it remained your favorite case for personal use?

AG: For me, SurfacePad is like a favorite leather jacket. My iPhone feels naked without it at this point because it adds that perfect balance of light-duty protection and functionality. When the new iPhones come out, I won’t upgrade to a new one until I have a SurfacePad to put on it. It is has become that integral of a part of my daily iPhone experience.