The Twelve: April Showers Bring May Flowers (They’d Better)

The Twelve: April Showers Bring May Flowers (They’d Better)

Once again, it’s time for The Twelve, a look at 12 things we’re enjoying right now.

This month it’s beach bubbles, classic lip sync battles, cherry blossoms and more…


Big Beach Bubbles. Mesmerizing!

Why Steve Jobs took long walks — and you should, too.

Skinny jeans are over. But Skinny Genes? Pretty catchy for springtime.

We love to de-clutter. (Many of our products are designed to help you do that!) But there’s scientific research that it’s good for you. (Props to Happify for bringing it to our attention.)

Mid-April means Cherry Blossoms in our nation’s capital. Here’s what you’re missing.

Maybe you shouldn’t give this card to your mom for Mother’s Day. But it is funny.

We love Jenny Slate. And we are long-time fans of Marcel the Shell with Shoes On…are you?

Holy Flying Saucers! Look what NASA is up to!

A little dose of David Sedaris.

Mark your iCalendars: The Reply All podcast is making April 30 “Email Debt Forgiveness Day.” We’ll be taking advantage of that…

Want to bring more mindfulness to your life? Everybody say OM to the Buddhify App.

Now that you’re nice and relaxed, enjoy this oldie-but-goodie lip sync battle between Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon. (Go Team Emma!) There’s also the new Anne Hathaway Wrecking Ball from Spike TV….