The Twelve: Twelve things we’re thankful for this November

The Twelve: Twelve things we’re thankful for this November

In this The Twelve, we’re covering our ears and trying to block out the seasonally inappropriate ads. We’re appreciating fall – what’s left of it! – and Thanksgiving. So, with that in mind, here are The Twelve things we’re thankful for this November:

We’re listening to Allen Toussaint songs – the New Orleans R&B great died November 9th. Here’s a pretty good playlist to start with.

If you missed it, artist Robert Sikoryak adapted the entire iTunes Terms and Conditions to comic form, with Steve Jobs as the narrator and hero.

We love the mix of traditional and modern in La Cerdanya in the north of Spain, and Narin Road in Canford Cliffs, England. (The pictures are beautiful.)

Speaking of beautiful pictures of houses, the winner of the 2015 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards was announced.

We’re dreaming of a future with more Futuro houses.

Christoffer Relander’s latest, Continuum Plateau, is a collection of double exposure photographs of biodiversity in Portugal.

Ben Thomas gave London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai the Wes Anderson touch with Chroma.

We’re asking for some of these minimalist planters.

With the holidays approaching, it’s always good to brush on your manners – especially when it comes to your iPhone. Here’s a crash course in Tech etiquette.

Vincent Mahé’s 750 years in Paris is a collection of illustrations of a “typical” Parisian building, and how architectural style has changed over the years.

Neu für Sie is a photo blog full of natural colors, textures, design, architecture, and nature scenes. We’re using it for inspiration – and daydreaming about some turkey and stuffing, of course.

As always, we are most thankful for our customers, and you! Thanks for supporting Twelve South. What are your Twelve things this month? Tell us on Twitter.