#theTwelve ways to celebrate clean off your desk day!

#theTwelve ways to celebrate clean off your desk day!

Photo by Minimal Setups

January 11th is clean off your desk day. So to observe the holiday, we’ve compiled twelve tips, tricks, apps, and products to help you clean off your desk.


If you’re in a time crunch, you can neaten up with Apartment Therapy’s “How to Be Able to Clean Your Desk in 5 Minutes”

This perpetual calendar is an awesome replacement for your outdated 2015 calendar.

Use HiRise for iMac under your iMac or Apple display to get some additional height and use it to tuck away odds and ends.

Cable management is a subtle touch that gets taken for granted. Use binder clips as cable catches, and use velcro straps to take care of and tidy up unnecessary lengths of cord.

Need the inspiration to clean your desk? This infographic from Learnstuff will have you cleaning in no time.

A huge part of our desk is, of course, our Macs, and digital clutter can be just as stressful as physical clutter – we’re deleting unnecessary files and folders, cleaning out our trash.

Once our cluttered desktops are sorted out, we’re going to tackle our emails with Cloud Magic, the email client that’s now for Mac.

Want a way to get your MacBook off your desk when you’re not using it? Store it vertically in a BookArc!

Business News Daily talked to managers and HR professionals to find out what your boss actually thinks of your disorganized desk, and gives some easy first steps to get your desk straightened up.

Use the inspiration from today to learn more about the queen of tidying – we like “Marie Kondo will change your life” from New York Magazine.

If you need visual inspiration for your clean desk, check out Poppin’s Work Happy board and Minimal Set Ups.

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