Designing Your WFH Setup

Designing Your WFH Setup


Name: Josh Capeder
Location: Charleston, SC
Current gig: Brand Designer
Current Mac: iMac 27” 
One word that best describes your WFH life: Blissful


What tips do you have for someone new to the WFH life?
It’s going to be nothing like working at the old office. At first, you might feel guilty and there will be plenty of hard times. I’ve found success by staying active and going to happy hours and networking events with friends. There is so much more time to focus on physical and mental health because the commute to work is as simple as getting up out of bed.

What was the thought process behind your current setup? 
Having my iMac front and center is what led me to use the left, middle and right side to get messy. I need to move things around, change drawing angles and be able to disappear to another room or make a beeline to a meeting with my iPad.


What’s your favorite thing in your workspace?
I couldn’t do a thing without my sketchbook. Having a place to look away from screens and get my thoughts out on paper is the only way that the magic happens from the power of the digital tools that I use.

What are you currently watching or reading when stepping away from the desk?
Recently, a friend of ours got us hooked on an adventure show called, Alone. A handful of contestants are dropped into the wilderness of Patagonia, Vancouver and other utterly remote locations while they must survive on their own with 10 items they brought from home and a chance to win 500k. It’s everything I need to unwind at the end of the day and remind me to be grateful for what I have. 

What’s the most unique object/accessory on your desk? 
The Curve for MacBook is so unique, but I was astounded to see how well the new Curve Riser for iMac fit in with both the design of Apple and current Twelve South products. Especially as a tall individual, it’s nice to have my display at a more ergonomic viewing angle. Having this stand with storage compared to an old stack of books is so much more functional.

1. Curve 2. Curve Riser 3. Journal for iPad Pro 4. HiRise Lightning Stand 


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